Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Never Doubt and Honest Man

        I have been known to put my mouth in gear before my brain. It usually results in something rude, dumb or wrong. I got my self into such a situation yesterday.

       Yesterday was skating day. About 15 of us skate on a regular basis and a rink staffer collects our three dollar admission before we go to the dressing room.

      Yesterday people were waiting in the foyer as there was no one to collect our money. A rumor sort of went through the group that the attendant said he wasn't going to collect today. There were "Ya right " comments and other ideas equally as derisive. Finally someone said , "Bob said the the attendant wasn't going to collect!" So since we were in rare form by then I said, "Bob is just torquing us." Now Bob is one of the quietest guys around and finally he told us that the attendant indeed had said he wasn't going to collect. So all our ribbing and joking was suddenly straightened out.

     So the problem was caused when the arena wasn't expecting us to come and skate. The ice wasn't ready. The attendant could think on his feet. He knew that his priority was to get the ice prepared. The hell with the money!

     So in the end as we were leaving the arena there was another  staffer  who collected our money to make things legit.

      So I learned that you don't doubt and honest man like Bob. If he says the guy said he wouldn't collect money that will be correct. After all the first guy didn't say he'd let somebody else collect money!