Friday, August 7, 2020


      Yesterday morning , the next door neighbor kids dropped in and asked if we'd keep an eye on their house as they were going away for a week. Well, yes, sure I'll watch your house. 

      About 2:00 Am a big wind got up as some bad weather was coming our way. 

      So the micro manager was awake ..listening to the wind I guess, She said, "Do you hear the banging? I didn't hear any special banging.  It sounds like a door being blown open and shut. You should check the sheds to see if the doors are closed. Well, it's easier to get up and look at the doors rather than listen to, "Are you sure those doors are closed?" So I got up and checked the shed doors to find out that they were secure.

     Then she said, "There is a sceeching just before the bang and sometimes right after. Did I hear the screeching? "Well, no." Then I got a lecture about my poor hearing. I'm not sure what good a lecture would do to a guy's hearing.

     So after a while the wind died down and the banging and screeching came less but I still couldn't hear them. I even put my hearing aids in to see If I could hear the noises.

     Now I'm not one for staying awake to listen to noises in the night.

    So the next day after the rain stopped we went out to investigate. We thought that the neighbor had a gate that didn't have a latch. We checked and yes the gate was not latched.I moved close to examine the gate and I set off an alarm! Oops that scared me in a hurry. So now I knew what the screech was. Well, it really wasn't a screech or that loud. 

      I know that some people are disturbed by noises in the night and become more concerned as time goes by. I'm not bothered by noises.

     So yes we were inept as we didn't find out what was going on. However , no harm done.