Friday, November 18, 2011

Baba Rocks

       What or who is Baba you say? Baba is a radio host who has an amazing knowledge of music and who has an unorthodox presentation. 

       I do not listen to commercial radio. I listen to CBC and CKUA. CKUA is one of those special stations that is independent and listener supported. By listener supported I mean they have fund raisers and run the radio in that way. CKUA listeners are passionate about their station. 
      Now back to Baba. Baba has a thick east Indian accent that you might hear on a news interview , but here he is on a music program. Baba has an amazing knowledge of music when it comes to performers, writers and all trivia. So when you listen to a Baba show you hear about the singer and musicians. Baba is able to interview many of the musicians that he features. You get an idea of the background. What influences shaped the singer and musicians. When you know more about the music you can appreciate and enjoy the music much more. Baba is very able to cover a wide variety of music.  So you will hear him on folk roots , blues, jazz rock... the whole gamut.

     Listening to Baba read community messages and give the weather is a totally new experience. So here's someone who was not trained in broadcasting and he's out there having fun and providing listeners with a first class music experience. 

     CKUA is on the Internet. All you have to do is Google CKUA and you can enjoy this fine station.