Wednesday, August 23, 2023


        Be it resolved that speeding tickets are not given and that drivers are given credits for driving the speed limit. 

       Okay,  I'll fess up and admit my bias. Since I've been 75 I've received 3 speeding tickets. They are the only speeding tickets I've ever had. So at least 90 % of my driving has been at or below speed limit and yes some just a little over speed limit. 

    So I don't think speeding tickets do much to make drivers quit speeding. Sometimes speeders are caught again a few miles down the road. Yes, a speeding ticket will alter some drivers. There would have to be a speed limit that would be classified as criminal and they should be punished accordingly. 

   Now I do think that rewards for driving the speed limit will encourage people to stay within the speed limit. I would like to think that speeders will slow down so that they will get a reward. So speed traps can be set up to catch those who are driving within the speed limit. Rewards? There could be many ideas. Take a few bucks off your income tax? Would you go for that? How about businesses giving something like free hamburgers or meals? Tickets to football or hockey. This could get creative and fun. 

     Now here's one you can argue against. I was a middle school teacher and I used rewards often. Some of these things were really silly but the kids went for it. How about if you get 100 % in your spelling three times you get a free week and don't have to do spelling. They went nuts over that one.

     I think that turning the speeding issue around would do more than the program we have now.

     What do you think?