Tuesday, April 19, 2022


    I started teaching in this small city in 1969. So some quick arithmetic puts that at 54 years ago. 

 Once in a while the way back machine kicks in.  This week I ran into some ancient history from 1969. 

    I had one gr. seven class that I taught math and science to in 1969. Okay, some more arithmetic. Those students were eleven years old in 1969 which will make them 65 right now. 

    The other morning at birding somebody asked which school I taught in. Another birder was listening and she said , "What years did you teach there?" My answer 1969 to1997. She said that she had gone to the school during that time specifically 1969. 

    She told me her maiden name and I immediately supplied her first name. 

    Here's someone I had not seen for close to 54 years. It was a treat to meet her and go over so many things. She had lived in the U.K. for 10 years. 

    She had been coming to the birding group for four weeks before we made the connection. 

    It's always very interesting to meet former students even after 54  years.