Wednesday, March 23, 2022


     On any given day, we can usually hear some yelling. Sometimes there are good excuses for yelling and other times yelling shows a lack if personal control.  If someone is going to accidentally encounter risk someone may yell to get the person's attention and evade the danger. Other times we can see someone yelling uncontrollably about an issue that is not of much importance. 

    I was a teacher. Some teachers used a very loud voice to control the situation. Some teachers just yelled. The yellers showed that they had lost control of themselves. 

    Now the other day I saw someone yelling. I probably would have yelled too. 

    There are computer generated voice responses on phones. I've ranted enough about call centers. The computer generated voices respond to a limited number of responses. If you don't happen to use responses the computer understands the computer usually puts you through to a real person. 

    Yesterday I found one of these critters that did not pass you on to a real person. It just kept going around and around. If you didn't give the correct response it kept going over the same routine. We wanted something different and that's where the problem was.

    Now for the yelling!

    The Micro manager does not understand technology very well and has little patience with it. So she thinks the more you say that the machine will better understand what you want. Well the poor machine was more confused. Then she thought (well . I don't know if she thought) that if she talked louder the machine would understand what she wanted. Well, that didn't help either so then she was really ticked and yelling.  

    It was funny watching this, but I would have been upset as well as you were not given an option. You went around in circles and there was not option to get out.

   So yes, there was some yelling yesterday.