Tuesday, May 7, 2024


     I have been known in the past to think that Alberta is the best place you can be. I've been know to think that everybody is the same as us . 

     Well the comments on  The Money Machine was Empty, jerked my head up about these assumptions. By the way the comments were awesome and made me rethink the issue. 

    Many of you wondered about the idea of being paid for return of bottles and cans and other containers. Reading between the lines some of you are going, "What's going on here?" We always had a program of payment for return of bottles and cans. As a child I would walk along the ditches picking out bottles and cans. I got one or two cents for each container. 

    Okay you can see the first idea coming here. Paying for return of containers gets the garbage picked up. It also gathers material to be made into something else. 

    It also gets sillier. When we buy certain products that we can return we are charged a environmental fee. So when I return bottles and cans it's money that I've already paid. 

    Some groups have fund raisers by picking up containers from road allowances. 

    The homeless get some cash.

     So for the countries where people are wise enough to not throw things out the car window ao just drop something on the street. Great! That's the way it should be . We should all take responsibility for keeping the environment clean and tidy.