Friday, August 1, 2014

Steven Harper:Small and Petty

     By now you know that I am no fan of our Prime Minister, Steven Harper. In general , I disagree with his economic and social policies.

    However, every once in a while Steven Harper out does himself and  shows how petty and small he can be.

   Therese Casgrain is a well known and liked Canadian whose work got the vote for women in Quebec in 1940. She was politically active all her life and was a Canadian senator for a short time. An award was set up in Casgrain's name honoring volunteers. There was a prominent photo of Casgrain in the parliament buildings honoring her and publicizing the award.the award.

    Now this is where Harper steps in. The photo was taken down and the awards were cancelled. All of this was done without consultation. In its place Harper established a Prime Minister's award that features him with prominent photo and all. All those who receive the award get their photo taken with the Prime Minister.

    Now how small and petty is this little shenanigan? Take away an award honoring some one else. Set up an award in it's place featuring yourself.

   There is no room in our society for such little self centered people.