Sunday, November 10, 2013


      Tomorrow is Remembrance Day in Canada. Many communities will be having various events to remember a variety of things.

     It's important to stop and remember that thousands of lives were lost in the two world wars and numerous little wars that go on all the time. I try to think of the of individuals who died. I can remember people who I knew. Many people cannot make a similar connection today but they can certainly pick individuals they didn't know and stop for a moment and try to remember what they were like. I think it's important to remember the brave individuals who lost their lives in battle.

    It's necessary to stop and think about the freedom we have and what it cost. We must maintain that freedom for those who fought and for ourselves. Having read some history, it must have been very scary that in the second World War things went well for Hitler.

    It's valuable to stop and think about the awfulness of war. This year we've had stories in our local papers and the old vets tell about how afraid they were . It took bravery to face the danger and it takes courage to admit  fears.

   The older I get the more meaningful remembrance becomes. I do not attend formal ceremonies. I prefer to be by myself and quietly remember and hope that our remembrance will go a long way to improve our world.