Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Loyalty Points

     I won't start swearing about loyalty points but I don't like 'em.

     I get loyalty points at four grocery chains and I also have Air Miles and Aero Plan. I may have some other loyalty cards but I'd have to look.

    So loyalty cards are meant to suck us in. They are meant to put a little hook on us so that we keep coming back. In the old days my Mom bought stuff that contained mugs or cups or tea towels. It seems to me that these were mostly in soap. Of course, they were in sets so that she had to buy more stuff to get the set. 

     Now with loyalty points the more you save the bigger the loot you get. If you redeem points for little stuff it doesn't seem worth it. So keep on building up the points.

     With Air Miles you need a tremendous amount of points to just get out of town. Now there are fewer places that give you Air Miles. One also has to search very hard to find things that you would like for your points. I did buy my camera with aeroplane points but the price was much more than I would have paid for it on sale. Aeroplan now takes points away when your account is not used  I filled up with gas the other day just to keep the stupid account open. I had to do a search to find a gas station that gives Aeroplan points (Esso)

    Grocery points are a rip off. You have to make sure that you have the card and then that you give it too them. If you check your points total you will find that they sometimes miss giving you points. The card sometimes does not scan. I wish that would happen when they run my groceries through the scanner. 

    Now I wonder how much would I save on my groceries if they weren't giving away those stupid points. I also know that points can't be stupid.

    So there's my little rant for the day!

   I imagine there are worse things than loyalty points.