Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Social Justice: Part Two

    In my last post I named two issues that arose in December. The second is the Idle No More movement.

    Idle No More was started by a couple of women with an  issue out of the last budget where many waterways would not be protected. This means everything to aboriginals when it comes to gathering safe fish. Further down the road, people with recreational property will suffer if the water quality deteriorates. By skillful use of social media their issue caught fire. Things were just ready for this movement to expand.

   When Steven Harper's government came to power, they scrapped the Kelowna agreement which had been agreed to by the previous government. Although the Kelowna agreement was far from perfect it was a movement in the right direction to begin settling major outstanding issues with First Nations. This decision angered aboriginals as it should. Steven Harper continued to treat the whole issue with utter contempt.

    Treaties with first Nations were broken almost as soon as they were signed in the 1800's. Some reserves and much land was taken back by the government. Government agents would check and find no people on a reserve and assume the people didn't want it and quickly took  it back. Aboriginal people were nomadic and had moved huge distances across  their land to survive successfully.  With the reserve system they were imprisoned on their small bit of land. Hunting for food was almost impossible. Aboriginals were were reduced to starving, begging and stealing to have some food. Treaties promised machinery and advice on a farming. This program worked extremely well until some dunderhead decided to stop supplying machinery and advice. Aboriginals were good farmers. Once they lost the machinery farming failed.

    The list of problems with treaties is enormous and the longer the issue drags on the worse it gets.

   So with a long history of disagreements First Nations have with the Canadian Government it's no wonder that the Idle No More movement caught on. So the Idle No More movement has become a major vehicle to publicize issues and urge  Steven Harper to come to his senses and solve some problems.

    Steps Idle No More have been taking have been stepped up when there was no response from Steven Harper. Steven Harper would seem to be sneering at the whole issue.

    I supported the Occupy Movement last year which of course was fighting for social justice. I whole heartedly support the Idle No More movement and hope that they gain some solutions. It would also be hoped that our Prime Minister Steven Harper , would come to his senses and begin a realistic conversation with First Nations People.