Tuesday, June 18, 2019


     On Father's day I found that a number of bloggers wrote very elegant tributes to their Dad's.  Some tributes were written about Dads who've been gone a long time. Some posts were written about or, to Dads who where were still living. In other cases , wives took the opportunity to write some very good things about a husband and what a good Dad he is. I enjoyed all these posts.

    However, I look at my own experience with Father's day and there has not been a very significant celebration.

   As children , I cannot remember any experience with Father's day at home. I remember making some sort of card at school. Father's day was just not a big issue. My Dad's family were German pioneers and I don't think they had such a thing as Father's day. My mother came from an English family and I don't think they celebrated and any special days. 

    So when did Father's day begin. That's maybe why my folks did little for Father's day.

    It's thought that Father's Day may have come from Pagan customs. In modern times Father's day was started in the U.S. about 1910. So it was probably quite some time before Father's day caught on in Canada.

    In my own family I don't remember anything special on father's day. So both my kids sent me greetings for Father's day. My daughter in law sent me a greeting and a neighbor sent me greetings. I am happy.

    What are your Father's day celebrations like?