Sunday, March 18, 2018


    John from John's Island asked an innocent question the other day. He wanted to know when my snow goes away. Well that's a very complicated answer.

     Weather and climate are extremely variable here. We sometimes have early spring and sometimes late spring. In other words there are years that the snow disappears early in March and sometimes it's not until early April when snow disappears.  Now complicating that is the snow storms we can get after the  winter snow has melted. we usually get most of our snow in March. In the last two days we've had 10-12 cm (5 in )m of snow. Our winter snow has not started to melt. So I would predict a late spring this year.

     We can get snow storms in May and even June. However in may and June our crops and plants are well established. We grow plants that are hardy and suited for this climate zone.

    Now for statistics for this date:

     Record low  -27.5 C (-30 F)    2002
     Record high  14 C (58 F)       1988
     Ave. high 4 C (40 F)
     Ave low -9 C 95F)
     Record snow 25.7 cm (11 in.)     2006
     sunrise 7:42 AM
     Sunset 7:44 PM

    So you see that with these conditions our spring can be quite variable.

      My daughter on June 8 1986. She was 15 and this was her sense of humor. My apologies for the poor photo quality .