Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Wretched Election is Over

       Canada had it's federal election on Monday, Oct. 19. The campaign lasted for 79 days. Usually election campaigns run for about 35 days and that's enough..

      Now I'm quite interested in current affairs. I think I have a good knowledge and understanding of the system and how it works. I think it's most important that we have a government that serves the people well. The government should be interested in the country as a whole. Policies should be just and fair for as many people as possible.

     Prime Minister Harper's government was none of these things. Harper cheated in the last election by overspending and phoning people to tell them the wrong address for where they were to vote. Dishonest things continued. Harper continually appointed pathetically dishonest people like Senator Duffy.

    This blog has been visited by the Harper's office. I suppose they were looking for what awful things a little old man might do.

    The litany goes on. I don't want to bore you. The campaign was full of dirty tricks and lies. Harper claimed that the Liberal party would sell pot to kids and set up a brothel on every street corner. What utter lunacy!

    Harper has made himself out to be a hardliner on illegal drugs. In desperation during the last few days of the campaign he had Canada's most infamous crack addict, Rob Ford, campaigning for him. Rob Ford was the past mayor of Toronto.

    I'm happy to report that Stephen Harper was defeated in the election on Monday. Harper campaigned to divide people so that he could get a majority. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals won a majority on Monday. Trudeau campaigned to have all Canadians come together as a country.

    I'm also hopeful that the rest of the world will look at us with the respect we had before Harper's mean spirited rule. Harper left the Kyoto Accord on climate change and has done nothing in this country to reduce carbon emissions.

    I can now read the paper and follow twitter and not have to see all the ridiculous claims the parties would make about each other.

    I'm hopeful that Canada will go back to being a decent country at home and abroad.