Sunday, March 19, 2023


     So what did my first post look like? Well, here it is. I was anxious to get something posted. It was kind of an introduction. I had no readers and comments. I just wasn't out there so that I could e recognized. Back to blogging for dummies. I finally found out how to post my blog where it might be seen. For many posts I had no readers and of course no comments. 

     It was a challenge and I was determined to win. After I had things set up my intention was to quit. So here I am 15 years later. This post was made on Aug. 27, 2008.

     The next post was on Sept. 23 , 2008. I think I only made 2 posts in 2008. 

     So many people have given me pleasure during my blog journey . I've learned so much from the people who follow and comment. 


     So my 2008 blog post starts here. 

     What does one say when one starts a blog ? Obviously something must be on my mind . I'm interested in the environment , music, reading, Xcountry skiing , cycling , issues of health and education ... So from time to time I will leave comments on these topics and other related issues . I hope that you find something of value ...informative, interesting or something which you wish to comment on.

     I look forward to coming up with topics and putting them together for others to think about .