Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rainy Sunday Afternoon

       It's a very cool, dull, rainy Sunday afternoon. At times rain has been heavy. This is just the opposite of what we would like at this time of year. For farmers trying to harvest and gardeners, we are looking for some sunny,warm, dry weather.

        My nephews are farming in Saskatchewan and they went on the fields last week and got stuck in the mud many times. This rain only makes it much worse.

      So this afternoon I began to think of music and songs which have rain in them. The one I'd like to come true is "Don't Let the Rain Come Down." This was done by Trini Lopez in the 60's. I still have it but it's on a reel to reel tape. My old reel to reel tape recorder doesn't work anymore so I can't listen to it. Now many people will not know what I'm talking about...   reel to reel tape recorder.

      Other tunes are more upbeat as in Eddie Rabbit's "I Love a Rainy Night." This is another lively tune about rain and also from the 60's. We need Eddie Rabbit's rain  in the summer when moisture is needed to bring on crops and gardens.

     "September Rain" describes today very accurately. It was a much slower piece of music which probably comes from a long way back.

      I'm sure that I could go on with many examples of music which has a rain theme. The blues genre alone could produce may titles.

      So this Sunday afternoon I'd really like to do what I did many years ago on the farm. I'd go upstairs  and cover up, listen to the rain on the roof and soon go to sleep for the afternoon.