Wednesday, March 28, 2018


   Every once in a while I have to give my head a shake and say I'm writing too much about myself. I prefer to write about other people, things and places.

    However , some topics keep giving and giving. (I think I invented that saying!)

    Now on Mar. 14 I wrote about how I fell off my back step in the dark. Now my detailed assessment of damage was that there was a small area bruise right on the hip joint. So I joyfully thought that in seven or so days the discomfort will go away and I'll be back to normal.

    Now it's difficult to check your own backside. For me it's just not possible.

    Now at about day 10 I could feel that down the outside of my leg from the hip joint to the knee joint was pretty tender when something touched it. This went on until I took a wee peak and saw bruising from the hip to the knee. Then I got the mirror and saw that the back of my leg from the hip to the knee was one big bruise. 

    So other than being a surprise it's okay and will take it's time to clear up. So I have a couple of photos that show the extent of the bruising.

      These photos show the back of my leg. The dark spot at the bottom is behind my knee.

    Now I also discovered that taking selfies of your backside is more complicated than I thought. Anybody want to try it?