Saturday, October 4, 2014

1000 Kilometers!

     As most of you know, my goal is to ride  my bike minimum of 1000 km (625 mi) per summer. Today I reached that magic number. In fact, when I got home today it was 1001.97  kms. 

     What am I going to do now? Quit? Never! I will continue riding until the weather shuts me down. I hope to ride at least another 100 km. One year I even made one ride in early December.

     Making my goal this year was a bit of a challenge. We had a lot of cold and wet weather. You always think it will get better so you wait . I got very little distance ridden in April, May, June and July. We had a perfect August so I rode about 500 km . I had a problem with a leg muscle so for a while riding was a challenge.

This old bike has rolled 9000 km (5625 mi)

    So I'll ride until snow, ice and low temperatures stop me. Then I will think about riding next year.