Saturday, September 14, 2013


     First let me say that I appreciate comments. People take time to read the post, think about it and then go to the effort to write a response. How good can it get? 

     Responses come in all shapes and sizes. Some responses are incredibly witty. Others offer a different view. Some are complimentary. While others share your view. And then some readers tell about a similar experience. Some express support. So thanks to my readers. You make my day.

    Now I have some confessions to make. Sometimes I get busy and get behind in commenting. I just get overwhelmed and have to omit comments. My apologies. Sometimes I misread things and you wonder what I'm talking about. Sometimes my comments are just plain boring. Some of my comments are just plain vacant. So my apologies. 

     I do try to say more than just, "good job." I do try to vary my comments so that it's not just the same old same old from Red. I hope I'm positive and I hope I'm never rude or offensive. Now if you don't like something tell me about it. I'd rather get the chance to correct something than lose a perfectly good follower.

    I do try to answer comments on my blog. That is fun. I like to follow people who respond to my comments. You have to work hard to find out who responds to my comments. 

   One thing in comments did bother me recently. I had been following a good blog. We commented on each others blogs and it was interesting and positive. After a while I noticed the other blogger hadn't been replying. That's okay. It's okay if you get tired of my blog and drop me. What bothered me on this one is that my comments weren't published. But I'm a big boy and life goes on. I hope other bloggers don't experience the same situation. Now don't worry . It's none of you. This blogger doesn't read me any more.

   So thanks again for comments. It just adds another level of pleasure in blogging.