Tuesday, February 11, 2014


      My post yesterday was an apology. I might as well get on a roll and make a confession today. My confession is that I don' read very many comments that are made on other bloggers's posts. From time to time I will look at some comments. Mostly I make my comment and run.

      Now I know that when some one takes the time and effort to make a comment, it would be nice if more people read it and appreciated   it. Comments take a blog to a higher level.   More people reading and  commenting on comments would add even more to a blog.

   I see some blogs where there is some back and forth between commenters. I have responded to comments on others blogs. Why don't I do more? I just don't have time. I follow many blogs. I have to limit how much time I can give to my blog. Don't get me wrong. I like blogging and could spend all day at it. 

    One thing that I have found interesting is to receive oral comments. A number of people who I know and see quite often read my blog. They throw oral comments back and forth. I also tell them to read the comments people make on my posts. Bud reads most of my posts. He makes some very neat comments. His comments are distant so you have to be thinking or it goes over your head and he goes away with a big twinkle in his eye and says to himself, "Aha , the old guy didn't get it." Today at skating, when I was taking my skates off, he went by and said, "I'll see you next Tuesday if you can keep your time straight." He was referring to my mix up on my Beatles post. However, he skillfully slid it by me as I was busy and he almost got out of the room without being caught. I enjoy Bud's comments as well as others who give oral comments.

    So I will try to look at more comments on other blogger's posts as I think there is much value there.