Friday, October 7, 2011

I Celebrate Thanksgiving Early

       My wife decided that we would have our Thanksgiving meal today and avoid the crowds of the weekend. So the celebration part of Thanksgiving is a special meal. The meditation on thankfulness can occur on the weekend.

      For most people Thanksgiving celebrations are long on tradition. For my Dad any excuse for a turkey dinner with all the trimmings was just fine. He was a farmer and was very active physically so had a lusty appetite. He loved having family together so his two brothers and sometimes a sister would attend these dinners. These visits and wonderful meals were days that were very exciting. Usually the meal was at noon with cold turkey and left overs in the late afternoon so my uncles could go home and do their farm chores.

      For my Dad the thankful part took place every day of the year. He was a devout christian and prayed many times a day and always offered thanks for what God had provided him.

      For my family, we for the most time, have enjoyed the turkey dinner with all the trimmings. There were only four of us but we could really tuck into the turkey and make it disappear. When my kids left home we continued to enjoy the turkey dinner. When my daughter came back and lived beside us she took over Thanksgiving celebrations. She did not always have the traditional turkey. What she did have was her birth mother and granny and at times other relatives. This made for an enjoyable day.

      Now that we are only a couple again we have found the turkey bit too much. We don't like having left over turkey for four or five days. Our appetites and energy to make the meal have lessened. So today is the first Thanksgiving that we have decided to go out for the meal.

      Now that the meal is dispensed with I have time to consider what I am thankful for. Looking back over the year there were many good things which happened to make my life rewarding.

      Since I'm on the blog I can say that I'm thankful for all the people who visit Hiawatha House. I am also thankful to all the people who offer comments. I have found many interesting blogs to read so thanks to all the bloggers who create interesting posts.