Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jack Rabbit Rock and Roll

      Two days ago there were five Jack rabbits in my yard. Three of them were fighting and chasing one another. the other two were quite satisfied to be still. The other three didn't bother the first two.

     So what was going on? 

     Well a very interesting event was taking place. The two quiet rabbits wee does that were very close to giving birth. The other three were very over anxious males who didn't want to miss out on the action. No they weren't interested in seeing the new babies. 
This little bunny is probably 5 or 6 days old.
                   Photo submitted by Duane Christianson

      When a Jack rabbit gives birth she is ready in a few hours to bred again. That's why the three males were quite agitated and fighting with each other. They growl at one another and cuff each other. We usually think of a rabbit being rather quiet and docile. At this time in their life they can be vicious fighters. So the male rabbits want to remain close so that when the female is ready to breed they will have their position established.

       I few years ago a doe gave birth in my back yard. My wife accidentally looked out the window when the birth was in progress. Since my wife has a nursing background she was not only interested but had a much greater understanding as to what was going on. Four bunnies were born. The doe licked them off and then away she went. She was ready to breed gain. The four little bunnies disappeared within and hour. My wife was quite concerned as she thought that the bunnies had been abandoned. Even thought the bunnies are scattered the doe will come back and find them and nurse them. 

      So now you may think of rock n roll as music but before rock n roll music rock n roll meant sexual activity and still does. You may have also heard "breed like rabbits" and thought that they just produced a lot of offspring but it also meant that they would breed right after giving birth.