Friday, November 22, 2013

By Request

     Yesterday, Daniel, at the Pixel Collective featured photos of a number of water towers.  In my comment I told Daniel that we had a water tower  in Red Deer. So Daniel said, "Do a post and put in a recent photo. So here is Daniel's request."

The green Onion

     The official name of our water tower is the Horton Spheroid. Locally it's affectionately known as the Green Onion. It was built in 1959. It's  132 ft. high and holds 500 000 gal. of water. It's built in top of a reservoir which holds 2,300,000 gal. It was first built to provide water pressure for the town. Now it's just used for back up water storage. There are two tennis courts on top of the ground reservoir so you get some idea of the size.

    The green Onion wast built on a high point in the town so now it is visible from almost any part of the city. Strangely there's no sign in this water tower.