Friday, August 14, 2020


       I like listening to music. I'm not musical. I can't sing. I don't play an instrument. But I like listening to a wide variety of music. 

      So everybody knows that I spend time on You tube and sometimes find some interesting things to listen to.

     Somehow I hit a spot on Austrian folk music. There's also a little Swiss thrown in the mix. There are hundreds of videos with folk music.

    It appears that most of these folks are amateur. It also appears that the bands are made in a haphazard way when friends get together to play. So whatever instruments the friends have, that's what the band is made up of. Almost all have an accordion or two. After that all bets are off. There's a variety of brass . Throw in a few saxophones and clarinets. There are instruments that I've never seen. Many bands have a guitar. Harps! Yes harps. The very odd violin. So you see that there are a wide variety of bands and thus sound. 

       I am familiar with the piano accordion and have heard of the button accordion. I had no idea there were  many types of accordions. You rarely see a piano accordion. There are very small accordions but they can make lots of music.

And most of all singing. Singing with energy and joy. Now all the singing is in German. I don't understand German but it's still fun to listen the the singing. 

     then there are the colorful costumes. The men have short pants with huge suspenders. the women have long dresses . Sometime the hair is done in a country or old style. 

     So take a look at some of these bands .

     Go to Youtube and look for Austrian folk music.