Sunday, December 16, 2018


    The reason for my title should become clear as I set this post up.

     I live in Alberta,Canada. I've lived here since 1969. It's been a great place to live, work and raise a family.

    We are a major oil producing region but we have difficulty selling our oil to world markets as we do not have pipeline capacity to ocean ports. Naturally some people are upset about this situation. Some people want to blame someone and of course who better than to blame but politicians.

    Now blame and truth take off from here to fictional regions.

    We have a couple of small right wing Nazi groups who are very active. They manage to look like they are supported by the opposition party. In fact , there are only hundreds of these characters and as for support, who knows.

    These small groups urge that Alberta separate from Canada. As one commentator put it these groups are "ill informed, incoherent, random protesters jumping on a band wagon."

    This weekend they organized yellow jacket demonstrations. This comes from the demonstrations in France. However, the groups in France are left leaning. The protesters here are very, very right wing. As you can see the Alberta demonstrators will use something that isn't  related to them  trying to link to a group that has had some success.

    It's surprising to see so called sane people advocating for separation. They have been persuaded to believe some very twisted logic.

   Here's the old divide up the people.

   So here I am again on one of my favorite topics. Why can't politicians and organizations deal with the truth? Why can't people look at information and do some basic analysis and make a judgment about it.

   Alberta would have nothing to gain if it separated from Canada. In fact, there would be major losses. Would we need our own army? Customs offices don't come cheap. We are landlocked. We would be the perfect victim for blackmail.

   Now  we've had separatist movements before. I'm sure this movement will end up like the others.

   Meanwhile , I'm a proud Canadian and a proud Albertan.