Tuesday, August 31, 2021


                                         PART I 

          A few posts ago I wrote about asking aging parents and seniors questions about their life. Mostly we don't ask questions because we can think of nothing to ask. 

          I challenged my daughter on the questions. I knew she'd have lots to ask. At one time she wanted to be a journalist and she would have been a good one with all the questions she can think of. 

         In a way some these questions sound like a psycho analysis. It looks like an interesting project so here goes. I think I will divide this into sections so this will be part one. 

          I will use two fonts: one for my daughter and one for me so that you can see who is speaking. 

You asked me if I had any questions for you.  Buckle up!  I have lots:
  • where have you never traveled to, but wish you had, and why?

               There are many places I would like to have travelled. At heart I am a traveler. One trip I always wanted to take was the train ride across Siberia. As you may know I like the north. The great Siberian north would have been fascinating. I don't know if that train runs anymore.  Too may other things have come up in my life to make these trips. To do much travelling you have to become a full time traveler. 

  • where was your favorite place that you've traveled to (or lived in) and why?

                   Going to Disneyland when you were little was a great trip. I like road trips so it was a good road trip.  I really liked Hawaii and would go back again. The west coast of Vancouver Island was great at Long Beach. I've lived in some very different and interesting places but I have to say that Red Deer is the best. We had our kids here and raised them. It's really home. 

  • favorite book?

         That's a hard one. I just don't do favorites. I suppose that comes from spending most of my life in Middle School and I didn't like to play favorites with the kids.  How about the Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck? I just read Out of Africa and would like to see the movie. 

  • favorite movie?

       I watch very few movies but I should. I will always remember the first movie I saw and it was at a drive in. It was a sappy movie called Old Yeller. I liked it and I think it is still being played.  

  • favorite musician and/or type of music?

       I love music and as one librarian said when I was taking out CDs, "You have a very wide taste in music." Again I have trouble with favorites. I like classical, blues, jazz, rock and many more. I don't like rap and modern country. Lately I've been listening to you tube. I can dial up what I want. Some of the music I used to like doesn't seem so good any more. The last while it's been Austrian folk music. Somebody once gave me some great French CDs.