Friday, April 10, 2015

National Siblings Day

    Since today is National Sibling's Day I will take the opportunity to wish my three great siblings a Happy Sibling's Day.

     National sibling's Day is an idea promoted by Claudia Evart.  Claudia  lost her only two siblings at a very early age. National Sibling's day would be a good way to remember them. National sibling's day is recognized in 39 states. Claudia is trying to have it recognized as a national day.

    My surviving siblings (brothers)  range in age from 60 to 75. We are quite different in looks and personalities. Our Mom was very short. Our Dad was very tall so our sizes range from short to tall. So we range in height from 5"6" to 6"4". I think. Things may have changed with age. Appearances are also very different. we would not pass as brothers as far as looks are concerned.

    We range from very quiet to quiet! 

     We also had a sister who passed away at an early age in 1953. My youngest sibling was born after her death.

    Since we were so far apart in age we were raised differently. Our parents became comfortable with parenting by the time the youngest appeared on the scene. I'm not saying the parenting was any better . It was just more laid back.

    It's a good day to think about siblings and all the important things about them and how much they mean to our life.

     So I hope that all  readers take a few minutes and think about their sibling's on this special day.