Friday, May 23, 2014

Corn Flakes for Supper

      In many rural areas the evening meal is referred to as supper. The noon meal is dinner. Many rural people have the main meal at noon. This is a huge meat and potatoes kind of meal. Lunch may sometimes be eaten in mid afternoon. So I set this up so that what comes next makes sense.

      No work was done on Sundays on our farm. It was a day of rest. Church was attended three times in the day. Sunday dinner was a major affair. By  Sunday evening meal time, people were tired from good eats and sitting around resting. 

      Many Sunday evenings Mom would say, "What should we have for supper?" One time some little kid, maybe me, enthusiastically said, "Corn flakes!" A couple other little kids said, "Ya, ya!" So this was easy for a very tired Mom because a few little kids could set the table and get the corn flakes ready. This  odd Sunday evening meal was eaten from time to time. Other people just shook their heads about our evening corn flakes meal. 

     The first time my brother brought his girlfriend , (wife to be) out for supper, it was Sunday night and the impromptu menu  turned out to be cornflakes. One would have thought that would have ended the relationship but it didn't. Their family just changed the corn flakes meal to noon.

    Now does anybody else have an odd ball kind of meal to beat this one?