Tuesday, May 18, 2021


      Today we had a rather nasty day. It was windy. Thunder showers would blow through with wind and heavy rain. There was lots of lightning and thunder. 

      I was going to get groceries at 7:00 AM but it was raining. I decided to have breakfast and see if it stopped raining. Well it stopped raining so I got my groceries. 

     About noon there was lots of thunder and lightning and a heavy shower.

     So it's been a very unpleasant day. 

     We are a bit dry here so some rain would be appreciated. I have some garden planted but I think it's too early as there could be frost. 

     Tonight it is supposed to rain and the rain will change into snow by morning so I may have some snow photos for you in the morning. 

     And if I'm lucky it might not snow!