Wednesday, January 3, 2018


       I would like to recommend that you go over and have a look Yorkshire Pudding

       This is a well done blog and is written everyday. There's a good balance in different posts which makes things interesting.

      Excellent photos of Northern England. Some of his photos are chosen to be published in a magazine.

     Some great poetry...not enough though.

    Some strongly worded and well reasoned opinions.

    Some wicked humor.

    Each year Mr Pudding, as he calls himself, sets up an elaborate awards program. The awards are called "Laughing Horse."  Weeks before the awards show there is chatter that gets you thinking. Then there's an announcement about the location of the awards and all followers are invited. Then the big event occurs and bloggers who follow Uncle pudding are described as they enter the awards program. Now he's really whipped up the excitement. We can barely remain seated. Announcements are made.

    It's a fun series of blogs.

    Look on the top right hand corner of my blog.

    Be sure to drop over and visit Mr Pudding.