Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Couple of Firsts

       I had a couple of firsts for me in the last two days. I do keep a bit of a journal so can look back and check on things.

      We've had a long stretch of mild weather. It's been such a long stretch that most of our snow is gone. It's very pleasant. Highs have been from 5C (40 F ) to 10 C (50 F ). Half the nights have been above 0 C (32 F).

    So with all that in mind I got my bike out today and went for a short ride. I've never gone for a ride  in March before so that is the first. I didn't get any photos today so these are from last year.

    The other first for yesterday was the first robin of the year. It's always quite a thrill when you hear a robin in the neighborhood and you wait until he/she goes flying by the house.

    Now I thought Mar. 18 would be a record for the first robin in my yard. I looked up my records and no. I had a first robin on Mar. 7 in 1989. Now I think the robin in 1989 might have been one that over wintered here.

     I didn't get a robin photo yesterday either, but here's one from my friend taken a few years ago.