Saturday, June 26, 2021


     I inadvertently set something up in my last post. My purpose in writing the post was to describe more of Heritage Ranch. I put in a small paragraph about my daughter riding at Heritage Ranch. That one little paragraph got more interest than the whole post. 

     My kids were raised in the 1970's which was the day of free range kids. The kids were sometimes gone all afternoon and we didn't really know where they were. Yes, we had a good idea of where they might be and the kids knew where  they could go and where they could not go. 

    Heritage Ranch was about 2 1/2 miles from my house. I think my daughter rode her bike out with a friend to ride horses. I'm not sure which parent gave permission to go. 

    She told me that the horses to rent were very  gentle but not that smart. Some of the riders weren't that smart either. She remembers the ride and still talks about it. The horse was not a smooth ride and it really didn't go that fast. 

    She did survive without accident and went on to ride many more horses. At 49 she's still interested in riding some more. 

    She made comments on the last post as unknown. I hope she comments on this post and corrects my memory. 

     These photos of horses at Heritage Ranch were taken long after her time at Heritage Ranch.