Sunday, January 14, 2018


    Today I had a big dose of the I didn't think "aheads".

    Now I'll have to take you back a bit. Yes a way back.

     When the Micro Manager and I got married in 1966 the thing to do was to record your wedding ceremony on an audio tape recorder. That's right folks ...non of the video stuff. We used a reel to reel tape recorder. That was before cassette tapes. I bought the reel to reel tape recorder in 1965. I used it for listening to music. At that time it was pretty good sound. You could borrow somebody's LP and record it. Now the recording went like this. You'd set up  couple of microphones attached to the tape recorder. Then you would start the record player and tape recorder at the same time and you taped somebody's LP.

    Since this technology was just about obsolete I bought something else for listening to music. I haven't touched my old reel to reel tape recorder for at least 40 years.

      Fast forward to today. The micro Manager wanted to get the wedding tapes changed to cassette. Well, she said it would be easy. Turn on the reel to reel tapes and turn on the boom box and hit record! I should have been listening a little closer. There is no input on my boom box so I can play my tapes forever and nothing will be recorded.

  So today I turned the machine on.  It ran but was too slow so the sound was distorted. After cleaning a few things it ran close to the proper speed but the sound was awful.

     What now? The micro manager is not one to give up. My ipad has a microphone. But then she said how would we get the music to cassette ? CD wouldn't be for her.

    So look for some more obsolete technology in the house. Yes, the so called stereo which hasn't been turned on for more than twenty years. We found a microphone and input jacks. so that should work.

    Well, that will have to be tomorrow because with all the fooling around today there was no time left.