Saturday, July 15, 2023


       In most ways I travel pretty light. I don't keep many things. I keep photos but not much else. I don't keep books or papers like programs, invitations or small newspaper clipping.

      What I'm about to tell you is something that has followed me and is still with me.

      From 1967 to 69 I taught in the small , isolated community of Wakeham Bay Quebec. The school had only ben open for five years when I got there. So for the older kids , they'd only been in school for five years. So in my class of 14 I had students from age 12 to 19. These kids were working at a gr 4 to 6 level. It was all English which was wrong. 

     However, I did what the powers that be told me. One of the projects I did was to have the kids write a friendly letter. Not a letter to be handed in and graded, but a letter sent to a real person. At that time my youngest brother was 13. I had these kids write to my brother David. I can't remember if David wrote to all of them or if kids from his class wrote them. 

     So when David was about 50 , he brought all the students letters out and asked me if I wanted them. What a shock! I'd forgotten about this project. 

    So I have these letters from Feb. 8, 1968. What do I do with them? 

     So I scanned Nuluki's letter for and example.