Thursday, July 23, 2015

Eye Examination Day

      Today was the day for my annual eye examination. Seniors here get a yearly eye examination paid for by our health care. The thinking is that if eye problems are caught early enough they will be treatable for less money and better quality of life for the patient.

     Now the most satisfying part of my examination is that my optometrist is a former student. Dr Dean was a great kid in middle school. He excelled at sports and a little bit of competitiveness didn't hurt matters. He enjoyed sports and school. He was all round nice to have in the school. 

     When kids leave Middle School and go to high school it seems like they disappear. Some we meet later on and many we don't see again. So Dr Dean was away to get his optometry degree. He came back and set up a practice. As I had an optometrist I did not go to Dr Dean until I parted company with my old optometrist. 

     I've been happy with Dr Dean. He has a quiet calm but firm manner. He's in control. Of course , we have a great visit during the examination. He's genuinely interested as he wants to know about the person.

     So once again there is no problem with my eyes. I keep the same prescription, but I should wear sunglasses. 

So I can keep on wearing my cool glasses!!!

    I feel very confident and assured that I am getting great care for my eyes.

    I just wish I'd taken my camera this morning,