Friday, November 6, 2020


    In the American election one has to lose and one has to win. Losing is never very easy

    I would rarely put my name up for an election. I could not handle the experience of losing. Now all my life I have participated in organizations but very few times did I go through an election process. I was appointed to the local library board. I served on many teacher committees and executive. I loved salary negotiations but I guess many didn't like negotiating because is was sometimes difficult to get a whole committee. Again I attended the provincial teacher's association conference. It was an experience that gave me many skills in leadership and debate. I once argued for a motion that didn't even make it to the floor for a vote!. I enjoyed these activities but they were never things that I had to run in an election.

    Now some people look at a position and for various reasons, they want the position. People have issues that they would like to push forward. So what I'm talking about here is politics. Some people have a "fire in the belly" and they want to be elected.

    People win election but then they have to be prepared to step down or lose an election. People have to  be prepared to compromise on many issues. When an issue is seen in black and white things are going to be difficult. One guy loses. One guy wins. Through compromise and negotiation we can sometimes get the best of two worlds or at least find a situation that is acceptable to both sides. 

     That sad issue is being very poorly played out the U.S. Trump cannot understand why he losing. ( I can't understand how anybody could vote for him.) I can understand Trump not liking to lose. However , when the people say we're finished with you. You have to go. Somehow the message should get through that you've lost. 

     With some very nasty protests going on it looks like quite a few people do not quite get the reality of losing.