Thursday, July 27, 2023


      I've told you 1903 times that I was a teacher. Well, not maybe that many times but enough times to make you sick of it. . But I like nothing better than a good long chat especially if the other person does the talking! I'm a listener. And it's better yet if the person I'm talking to is a former student.

     So yesterday I was out for lunch and one of my former long ago students came in and sat down with me for lunch. He was in town visiting his Mother. I think Doug was in Gr. 7 in 1969. That's 54 years ago. We couldn't remember if I had actually taught him or not. So the first topic we had to deal with is that we are both enjoying retirement! It's good for a laugh to have  a chat with a retired student.

     After that, we talked about things that retired people talk about. Since we know many of the same people we try to wonder where some of them are and what they are doing. 

    We also talk about our careers. Doug was one of those guys who found something that was very out of the ordinary to do. But his work was crucial to government and courts functioning smoothly. 

    I wrote in a previous post about Doug taking his curling team to the Canadian Highschool nationals for high school students. His Mom talks to me about that one every time I see her. They were very proud of him and justifiably so. 

    We really teach to have people take our places. It's always a pleasure to meet someone who has replaced us and now is almost finished replacing us. What is left is to do volunteer work for the community which helps the community and gives us personal satisfaction and an opportunity for personal growth. 

     So it was a pleasure to have lunch with Doug as he's from the other end of the country and I was lucky to run into him.