Friday, June 8, 2018


     The other day I got a Face book message from my neighbor down the street. It said to go to Messenger to read the message.

     I had never used messenger. I don't know what messenger is. I was surprised to see it listed on the left side of my Face Book page.

     So as told I went to messenger. I found the message but what else I found blew my mind. I found messages that I'd never seen before. Some of them were four years old. However, most of the messages I had seen and read.

     Now one message really caught my attention. The message was from 2014. It was from a young woman I'd taught with in a small town. We both left this small town in 1963 . Yes, 1963 . 55 years ago. So some how she had tracked me down and left a message. She must have wondered what is wrong with this guy that I didn't reply

     So I sent a message to her. I just wanted to see if she was still here. Five minutes later she had answered me. Then I had to tell her the story of why I hadn't answered her message. 

    Now this is where the tune up comes in. What is messenger? How do I use messenger?  What other programs should I be aware of?

    I'm going to have to confer with some young friends to get tuned up on some of the things I should be using.