Friday, August 25, 2023


       Speeding has to be controlled. It is too dangerous to have speeders and, in particular, very high speeders. Too many people are killed or injured because of speeding. 

       In my last post I dealt with present day situations. We have a hit and miss ticketing system. Only a very small number of speeders are caught. Should all speeders be caught? What percentage of speeders should be caught? How much would road safety be improved with stricter enforcement. 

    Last day I was thinking about present day enforcement methods. What about enforcement tomorrow?

   We now have the technology for self driving cars. We have AI. Would it be difficult to put a chip in each car and follow it. Okay, I know this is terribly invasive and has great issues around it. A modified plan could be used. You mess up with your driving and then you get the chip and your diving is monitored. We now have devices that prevent drunk driving people from driving if they've been drinking.

    I know some people will not like the big brother idea. But how many people have to be killed or injured because of speeding? 

   Cars could be programmed to not go over he speed limit. Traffic could be monitored for other things and traffic volume could be controlled. 

   What other high tech devices may be developed?