Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birthday Delights

       A few weeks ago I was invited to a small birthday party for a woman I've known for many years in several different settings. Home Farm Girl was also invited as well.

      Now we were asked to bring a small number of squares or fruits and veggies which is a super way to have an easy and fun party. Most women I know go all out in a situation like this and come up with something unique and wonderful. So food at these dos can be a hit ...with me anyway. Home Farm Girl got the idea of a water melon basket and came up with something awesome.

     Now I also got thinking that there is some unfairness as if I was going on my own I probably wouldn't have been asked to bring anything and would have showed up and been surprised by the great food. I would have been some embarrassed as I would not have contributed. So just one of the little parts of our world where there is some in built unfairness. However, I did not let this bother me and we had a great celebration for one of my fellow teachers, skaters, parent and all round friend.

     So Happy Birthday!