Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Rats

     Snow rats? Yes. I thought if there could be "rug rats" then there could be snow rats. These three boys are in kindergarten and gr. one. They had a Friday afternoon off from school These three and one more played outside in the snow all afternoon.
One of my buds is under there

    I skied around them and stopped to visit a couple of times. When i went home I came back with my camera and took pictures. They hollered at their Mom, " A boy took our picture." Do I like these kids. They know me well and see me often and I am still a boy!
I think somebody left his teeth at home

    It was about minus 3 C with brilliant sunshine. They were probably soaking wet. There was not a parent hovering over these boys as they played in the snow. I classify these boys as free range kids. they are allowed to be on their own. They were obviously not sitting in the house with a video game or watching TV. I wish more kids would spend the whole afternoon playing.
Pretty healthy looking boys!
These guys were never still all afternoon.
I wish I had a hat like those.
Snow rat tracks

    So one old boy and four little guys had the snow to themselves for a pleasant sunny afternoon.