Monday, June 20, 2022


  Far Side of Far Side of Fifty wrote a tribute to her Dad yesterday. It was a difficult tribute to write as her Dad has dementia. 

    She very clearly listed the main symptoms of dementia. 

    Memory loss, difficulty finding words, getting lost, unable to problem solve, unable to do two tasks at once. 

   I looked at them and then started to wonder how many people in their 80's have similar symptoms. I know I have similar symptoms . But symptoms can be in various stages .

    I don't have memory loss. I do have difficulty finding words. Somebody usually quickly helps me out. I don't get lost although today I walked right by my parked car and had to think about where I had parked it. I know that solving some types of problems is a challenge but I still get my crosswords, sudokus, wordle and a few others. I don't like having to multi task. I like to be able to do one at a time. 

     Last year I wanted to build another bird house. I had a fence board that I wanted to use up to make the bird house. I had problems to visualize how sides bottoms and top fit together. To make matters worse the one end of the board had been sawed crooked. I didn't catch that and it made problems for me in fitting all pieces together. I wondered why pieces didn't fit. 

    So are we on the way to dementia or just not very sharp any more?