Sunday, April 7, 2013

It Likes to Snow Here

     We received about 7 or 8 cm (3 in) of snow last night. It was the kind of snow that fills the sky with snowflakes. You look at your street lights and the air looks like it's full of fluttering snowflakes.

    Three inches is a pretty good snow fall for us. Our air is dry. Now I know some people get many times more snow and would think this is nothing.

   These systems come in and circle around and gather energy and then they sling themselves southeast towards Minnesota. As they move east they pick up more energy and moisture. So when they get to Minnesota the system is full of snow.
   So I'm afraid that my blogging friend Far Side is in for more snow. I know that she's sick of winter and has cabin fever but there's nothing I can do but let this system go.

The roof on the tree stump is my snow indicator

Mountain Ash trunks that catch snow

A little juniper weighed down with the snow load

A van that needs to be cleaned off

A dog walker taking to the road

A sporty new coat

One more time shoveling