Tuesday, August 9, 2022


   This week, one evening, I went to my computer intending to read blogs and comment. To my horror there was a message that  said that I was blocked from the internet. I was shocked as I know little about correcting such issues.

    Later on I found out that only my access to publish was blocked. Sometimes I could read posts . All of my other sites were not blocked like face book twitter etc.

    I found  blogger help site but after three days I've not had a reply.  

    Then I started to think if there was a blogger I could contact. Jennifer from from Cottage Country Reflections is a face book friend. She's also very savvy when it comes to computer stuff. So I contacted Jennifer. Her suggestion was to log on from another browser. I did this and there was my blog instantly and I was not blocked. 

    So I've been absent from blogland again . Maybe I needed a break from blogging!