Sunday, February 12, 2023


         Dad didn't place much value or treasure on material things. He started out in life with very few material things. They were a pioneer family with little cash. When Dad was 18, in 1929 he hopped a freight and went to northern Alberta. You can see the pattern about physical things. The other reason Dad placed little value on "worldly treasures " was his religious outlook. He gave every penny he could spare to he church.

      However, after the Second World War , when the economy picked up, he was able to build a house and buy good farm equipment. Dad and Mom retired in 1970 and moved to town and a small house. They took only what they needed from the old farm house.

     Mom passed away a couple of years after retirement. Six months later Dad held an auction sale. This left him with not much more than his clothes. 

     He remarried. The possessions were all our step mother's things. 

    Our stepmother died before Dad. Dad had been in a nursing home. He made sure that he had enough money for his funeral and little more. His estate ended up with about $1600.00 left. 

    How's that for downsizing and sliding into home base with little to spare. 

    Now I won't downsize as much as Dad but he certainly didn't have very many possessions to deal with at the end. 

    However , I am making a good effort to dispose of as much as I can.