Thursday, February 17, 2011

IPod Epilog

       I have posted twice about  my ipod. I know some might say, "Well dry up!",  but I have one more observation.

      My first post covered how I got my ipod and began trying to find out how to use it. I made reference to kids helping me learn how it works.

      On my second post I dealt with how I had found out how to use the ipod and how proud I was of myself.

      Now when you write things you can always look back and see evidence of what you said and did. The facts stare you in the face.

      So now that I am using the ipod and enjoying it I have to look back and say , "What in the world was so hard about all that?" It's really easy once you get the hang of it. No wonder kids find it so easy to use ipods and many other electronic devices. So it's interesting to see how inadequate I felt and was almost talking myself into failure. It was a good learning experience and I will be much better prepared for the next challenge.