Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Snow is Getting Deeper

       Far Side has a snow stick that she sets up in the fall and it shows the snow all winter. I stuck a stick in the snow the other day to show you how much snow we have now.

The meter stick stuck in the snow on top of a table in my yard

       This area does not usually get a lot of snow. Some winters we have very little snow. We also have chinooks that come through and melt  a lot of snow. This much snow is quite unusual for us. 

That pile of snow really is on top of a table

       So if this wasn't enough snow, we had a major storm come through last night. There were high winds so most of the snow blew around. Visibility, right in town, was close to zero. 

And some English measurement!

      It was a good night to stay in and look out the window.