Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mistakes Cost a Tree Its Life

      I have been living on this street since 1970. When I came here the district was seven years old. The city has a policy of planting trees along the street. I had two ash trees in front of my house. When I moved here the trees were probably 12 ft. high. In 44 years I've watched them become  large and beautiful trees. I've featured a photo of one of my trees in a previous post.
My  ash tree a few years ago
     The house across the street is one of those that sells quite often. New owners took possession of it about 3 weeks ago. Two days ago I looked out to see somebody beginning to take down a 50 ft spruce. I had watched them plant this spruce. It was a fine tree but it was not placed in the correct place.

     Then, there was the ash. It was rumored that the ash was to be taken down too. Now it is against city bylaws to cut down one of their trees. The guy started to work on the ash. Fortunately, somebody drove by and reported the situation to the city. The city boss showed up immediately and asked the guy what he was doing. He told them the owner said it was his tree and to take it down. Work was stopped. More city officials showed up. They decided that the tree could not be salvaged and they would take the rest of it down.

The girl in the bucket doing her work

All the equipment to take down one tree

 So as a result of mistakes a very nice neighborhood tree was sacrificed.