Friday, February 10, 2023


       Three posts ago I wrote about not knowing dates of death for my Mom and sister. I had tried searching but didn't have any luck. 

       Connie from Far Side of  Fifty found my Mom's date of death. I should have been able to find it. 

      My sister's date of death was a bigger challenge. My best searchers didn't find anything. My son-in-law is an expert on genealogy and he couldn't find anything. So I checked with Vital statistics. They wanted $70.00 to find it. When I read that I very quickly decided to look a little harder. My brother was looking through some papers and there it was . He was surprised as he didn't know he had the date. He had a clipping from the paper that was an announcement of memoriam. 

     My niece who has looked for this information sent it to me. She also got another niece in on the search. It's interesting as these two were born 70's and 90's and would very likely not ever heard of Doreen. 

      So I didn't have to look very hard to find the date in the end. People are a great help.

      I guess it's my age that got me thinking about dates of death.

     Do other people start looking for this information at an earlier time?

     Now I wonder what else I will need to know ?