Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Face Book: I'm Not a Big Fan

      I've had a face book page for about 4 or 5 years. I haven't found anything on face book that really excites me and a lot that aggravates me.

     I started a face book page to keep up with family as I am far away from them. At first there was information from nieces and nephews. I guess they grew tired of the thing and gradually one by one did not post on face book.

    The aggravating part is when people like and recommend a bazillion different things that I have no interest in.  People find all kinds of things from God knows where to put on thinking that I or somebody else may be interested. For example: religious pieces, food, recipes, restaurants...

    Now the other day I did find something interesting to follow on face book. This is a long and convoluted story. Get ready! I like Vinyl Cafe on CBC radio. I don't miss it. Once  a year they have a segment called the Arthur Awards. Arthur is the name of the dog in the story. The Arthur Awards are for somebody who does something good which is not rewarded in any other way. It's something that is a common everyday act of kindness or help that is completely volunteer.

     I was not listening terribly well at the beginning of the presentation but grew very interested as the interview moved along. The guy being interviewed had walked across Canada and now was walking from the U.S. border to the Arctic Ocean. It was a fascinating interview. At the end the guy gave his face book page "The Great Hike." He had described how the previous night he had camped along the road and in the morning a buffalo was outside his tent. He looked out the tent and the buffalo was right there. To take a picture he had to back into the tent in order to get the whole buffalo in his photo.

   This page really interested me. So I searched for the page. The page comes up with his photo of the buffalo. Of course, there were many more photos. Also one of the people liking the page was my friend Cheryl! What a surprise!

    So this is a site I really like and if I made more effort I might find other pages I like. Oh yes, this week I began following a birds of Alberta page. It has awesome bird photos.

    What do you find interesting on face book?